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Nurses’ Week in the Floral Industry in Mechanicsville, Virginia:Wait, Can Nurses Even Get Flowers?

What does Nurses Week have to do with the floral industry? Well, in Mechanicsville or Richmond, Virginia, not much of anything unless you want to send a nurse flowers. Can you send a nurse who works in the hospital flowers? Most of the time, the answer is yes. Some hospital units are secured so they do not allow things like flowers in glass vases for good reason. On other units, there is just no good place to display the flowers while the nurse is working. But in general, most nurses that I know would love to receive flowers for Nurses Week, and generally, they can find somewhere to store them until their shift is over.


Why do we have Nurses Week anyway and why is it the first week in May? Nurses Week celebrates the effort, dedication, and sacrifice nurses make every day. Most hospital positions require twelve-hour shifts which means time away from family and a very long day. Nurses provide care in what sometimes feels to be impossible circumstances and deal with people when neither they nor their families are on their best behavior. Nursing has been recognized as the most honest profession for 22 consecutive years. Nurses Week always starts the Friday before Florence Nightingale’s birthday, which was May 12, 1820. Nightingale is recognized as the founder of modern nursing for her efforts to improve hygiene and rounding on soldiers during the Crimean War.  During Nurses Week, not only do we recognize our fellow nurses, but also the ones who paved the road before us.


And, once a nurse, always a nurse.


So, to all of my fellow nurses, Happy Nurses Week! Thank you for your service and dedication to your patients. I have been honored to serve alongside you for so many years. More than any Magnet certification, I hope you hold the rank of Most Trusted Profession for eternity.


Yeah, Nurses Week in the Floral Industry in Mechanicsville, Virginia is not about the impact on the floral industry. However, flowers for Nurses Week are highly recommended for a nurse you know to show your gratitude.


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