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Christy's Cottage: The Beginning

This Is Only the Beginning

Christy's Cottage opened in December 2023. Christy and her husband run the company. We are local to Mechanicsville but will travel within the state of Virginia. We are a boutique florist specializing in wedding and event floral, including funerals. We offer fresh floral, custom silk floral, and silk floral rentals from six collections. We do not do daily deliveries or fill wire orders. We focus on events. Your event. YOUR big day. Christy is the floral designer and will personally be designing your vision.

Christy is a passionate floral designer who has a keen eye for design and a heart for service. She likes to see her customers smile and wants each one to be completely satisfied with their purchase. 

Sometimes brides have big dreams and big visions. Sometimes brides do not know where to start. Wherever you are at in your planning, Christy will help and provide guidance. The outcome will be beautiful, professionally arranged flowers that will wow your guests and leave them feeling impressed and happy to be part of your memorable day.

Worried about cost? Truthfully speaking, even at wholesale cost, flowers are expensive. We do not mark our flowers up as much as the big retail florists. However, fresh floral prices do vary by the season and by the flower. We will provide a customized quote based on the information we speak about in your consultation and maximize what we can provide within your budget. We also provide other options such as custom silk floral and silk floral rental.

What sets Christy's Cottage apart from other floral designers is that we do more than the typical florist, going beyond centerpieces and bouquets. Because we are a boutique designer specializing in events, we can focus on your vision and bring it to life. 

Hello, My name is Christy Oeth and I am here to make your day beautiful!

I am a Varina native. I have tried to leave Richmond several times, but I just keep coming back for more. After all, there is no place like home! My husband and I moved back to Richmond in 2018 after we got married and eventually settled in Mechanicsville.

I started my love for floral arrangement during the pandemic when my husband and I planted nearly 80 roses in 2021. I would cut roses before my shift and take them into my nursing unit in small vases to have at the main reception desk. It would brighten the place up and put smiles on the faces of my coworkers. Since that time, I have learned a lot about growing roses and floral arrangement. Now, my passion is my new profession!

I served as a registered nurse for 23 years working in critical care, ER, recovery, home health, appeals, and outpatient clinics. I intend to continue providing excellent service to my clients. I have a keen eye for floral arrangements and a creative mind. I officially retired from nursing on May 31, 2024. I also have experience as a retail florist and have now branched out on my own. The best part of either career is knowing I put a smile on someone's face, so you can trust me to get your flowers perfect! 

During the years I worked as a RN in ICU, I provided end-of-life care to many of my patients. It was a great honor to be with patients and their families in the last moments of their earthly life. Likewise, I am honored to provide sympathy arrangements for celebrations of life now.

In the best of times, and the worst of times, I am dedicated to providing excellent delivery of floral services.


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