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Custom Silk

We can create anything in silk flowers! Virtually all kinds of fresh flowers are also available in silk. There are wonderful benefits to using silk flowers in lieu of fresh flowers. One, silks really are forever! The beauty of silk flowers will last and last. Two, you do not have to worry about wilting, dropped petals or getting a substitution flower. What you see when you order is what you get. Three, silks can be prepared long in advance of your special day. That means less worry and hassle! You can rest assured that your flowers will be perfect and ready well in advance of your date. 

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Custom Silk Pricing

Every custom silk purchase is unique. The prices listed are starting points for the item. 

Bridal Bouquet $195+

Bridesmaid Bouquet $55+

Groom's Boutonniere $18+

Boutonnieres $12+

Corsages $20+

Table Centerpieces $60+

Garlands $160+

Swags $250+

Crescent Arches with full frontal florals (8 ft, 6 ft pair) $1,750+

Horn Arches with full frontal florals (6 ft, 5ft pair) $1,600+

Round Centerpieces $275+

Other items prices as needed

Custom Design Arrangements Anytime

Christy’s Cottage would love to custom design any floral arrangement for you. Christy puts a lot of thought and creativity into custom design arrangements. Therefore, a custom design arrangement can take 2-4 weeks to complete. Have a look at our custom design pieces and let us know what you would like!

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